Boz Scaggs, Middle Man, Columbia FC 36106, États-Unis, 1980. Photographie de Guy Bourdin. Avec l’aimable autorisation de The Guy Bourdin Estate, 2015.





A history of photography through the prism of the vinyl record. These two media, which left their mark on the 20th century, interplayed in all their forms, from artwork to illustration, figuration to experimentation. The show is based on this diversity of intentions and propositions. The first two images published on an album cover— an artsy vision of Broadway and a more figurative shot of a cowboy— already suggested that anything was possible. The format—33 rpm, 45 rpm, a circle in a square—encapsulates almost the whole history of photography. Many photographers have left their mark on these 30×30 cm covers.




Photography has played a leading role in the history of recorded music. Looking at an album cover, you can almost hear what you see. Photographers illustrated many classics. Who hasn’t purchased a record based on its cover? The image of Abbey Road has come down through the past half-century just as surely as the Beatles’ music.


摄影在录制音乐的历史中扮演了领先角色。当你看着一张唱片封面,你几乎能闻你所见。摄影师展示了许多经典。谁不曾因为封面而买下一张唱片?艾比大道(Abbey Road)的图像毫无疑问地与披头士的音乐一样穿越了半个世纪而流传至今。


The Rolling Stones’ Sticky Fingers record sleeve featured Andy Warhol’s famous crotch shot, but the world’s foremost photographers, including David Bailey, Hiro, Annie Leibovitz and Robert Frank, illustrated some of the group’s other album covers. Some photographers built a style; others built icons. Labels built visual identities where photography mattered more than anything else: Francis Wolff’s black and white photos for Blue Note, ECM’s shades of grey, the flashy colours of Hypnosis, etc. House productions foreshadowed a sound. Conversely, album covers featured many of the century’s symbolic, historic images: a portrait of Céline, the Great Depression seen through the eyes of the Farm Security Administration photographers, May 1968, Black Power in the United States, etc. Every technique—from photojournalism to photomontage, photo booths, photos used for a purpose other than that for which they were intended, overexposed photos and photos within the photo—can be found in these 30×30 cm squares.

The deeper you dig, the vaster the subject seems.

Jacques Denis


滚石乐队“Sticky Fingers”的唱片封面特点是一张安迪·沃霍尔的胯部照片,但全球最重要的摄影师,包括大卫·贝利(David Bailey), Hiro,安妮·莱柏维兹(Annie Leibovitz)和罗伯特·弗兰克(Robert Frank),展示了滚石的其他唱片封面。一些摄影师创造了风格;其他的创造了偶像。比起其他任何东西,摄影更在意视觉身份,而唱片公司确立了视觉身份:弗朗西斯·沃尔夫(Francis Wolff)为蓝调唱片(Blue Note)创作的黑白照片,ECM唱片的灰色阴影,Hypnosis唱片的艳丽颜色,等等。唱片公司的制作预示了一种声音。相反地,唱片封面主打的是代表性的、具有历史意义的图像:席琳(Céline)的肖像,农场安全管理局摄影师眼中的大萧条(the Great Depression),1968年法国五月风暴,美国黑人权力运动,等等。每一门技术——从摄影新闻到摄影集,照相亭,作为目的而非其原意而被利用的照片,过曝照片,图中图——都能在这些30*30厘米的方块中被找到。


雅克·德尼(Jacques Denis)


Exhibition curators: Antoine de Beaupré, Serge Vincendet, and Sam Stourdzé.

With the complicity of Jacques Denis.

The section ‘Francis Wolff and Blue Note Records’ is produced by the Kyotographie Festival, with Michael Cuscuna (Mosaic Records) and Lucille Reyboz & Yusuke Nakanishi (Kyotographie) as exhibition curators.

Prints by Tokyo Color Kogeisha, for the Blue Note section.

Paul McCartney album covers photographed by Linda McCartney.

Curated by Paul and Mary McCartney and produced by Linda Enterprises Ltd,

London. Prints by Sean Mulcahy at Metro Imaging, London.

Wallpapers by Central DUPON Images.

Framing by Plasticollage and Circad, Paris, and Europlast, Aubervilliers.

Publication: Total Records, la grande aventure des pochettes de disques photographiques, éditions 213, 2015.

Texts: Jacques Denis.


展览策划: 安托万· 德·布普雷(Antoine de Beaupré) , 谢尔日·文森蒂(Serge Vincendet), 萨姆•斯道兹(Sam Stourdzé)


“弗朗西斯·沃尔夫与蓝调唱片”部分由京都摄影节(Kyotographie Festival)制作,马赛克唱片的迈克尔·库斯库纳(Michael Cuscuna,Mosaic Records) 以及京都摄影节的露西尔·瑞铂斯(Lucille Reyboz )和Yusuke Nakanishi为展览策划。

蓝调唱片部分的印刷由东京Color Kogeisha承担。

保罗·麦卡特尼(Paul McCartney)唱片封面由琳达·麦卡特尼(Linda McCartney) 拍摄。

保罗与玛丽·麦卡特尼(Paul and Mary McCartney)担任策划,伦敦琳达有限公司(Linda Enterprises Ltd, London)担任制作,伦敦马特洛影像(Metro Imaging, London)的肖恩马·尔卡希(Sean Mulcahy)承担印刷。

墙纸由杜邦影像中心(Central DUPON Images)制作提供。

Plasticollage and Circad(巴黎) 以及Europlast(奥贝维利埃)承担装裱。

出版:《唱片汇:唱片封面摄影的伟大探险》(Total Records, la grande aventure des pochettes de disques photographiques, éditions 213, 2015.