Julia Kozyreva 朱丽叶•蔻兹瑞娃

Julia Kozyreva After a long period in the Philosophy Department at the Ural State University and a 2 year Fulbright scholarship in Cinema Production in Los Angeles, Julia Kozyreva has graduated from the Baltic Film and Media school with a MA in Film Directing. During her school years Julia directed several short fiction and documentary films. Her first post studies project, a 30 minute long film ‘Ecologia’ received a lot of recognition at several International Film festivals and was premiered in Rotterdam. Julia has a unique ironic vision of life and deep lyrical understanding of her character’s daily routines which makes her cinematic style both humorous and touching… She is now developing her first feature film project “Entomology”.

在乌拉尔大学完成哲学课程,并在洛杉矶修完电影制作之后,Julia Kozyreva获得了波罗的电影传媒学校(Baltic Film and Media School)的硕士学位。在学业期间,她拍摄了几部科幻短片和电影纪录片。她的第一部毕业作品、30分钟的短片《Ecologia》在鹿特丹首映,并入围众多国际电影节。Julia延续了她之前几部影片的风格,表达一种对生活的讽刺的看法,以及对片中人物的日常生活极度抒情的理解。这次,Julia正准备她的首部长片《Entomology》。