张增增 Zhang Zengzeng







I graduated from the department of sculpture at Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. I have been working on the issue of how to deconstruct the concept of“sculpture”and searching for the new way for my artistic expressions for many years.

In recent works, I used soap bubble as an artistic medium to make many works, such as A Moment of Eternity, a work was made by soap bubble which was installed on a pile of bricks and a shovel. I turned these materials into an imagery monumental, as I think there are several similarities between human’s dream and the temporality and nihility of this material. In light of the property of this material, I made my second soap-bubble work Dreams Becoming True. In this work soap bubble was used to wrap different objects and furniture in order to make incomes. With this money, I can buy a new one thus give the new one to them.

In addition, I started to think what would happen if the bubble finally disappeared into the air? How can I make works with air? Thus, I used the technique – Agumented Reality. I chose the cellphone as my artistic medium, since it has been the one of the main ways for us to see the world. I intended to create a work that can only be viewed with the screen of our cellphones. Based on this idea, I made A Form without any Forms. Initially, this work was exhibited in a space where nothing was placed. Once the audiences held their cellphones toward this space, a huge iron sphere would emerge on the screen of their cellphones. Meanwhile, the shape could be changed if the audiences moved their positions.

This work was further explored by myself in December 2014. At the Rockbund of Shanghai city, I exhibited this virtual work. I installed this work at the opposite site of the Rockbund and invited the audiences to view this work which was 650 sphere diameters through their cellphone screens. Compared to the traditional public art, this work showed absense of publicness and, at the same time, it did not occupy the literal space. Also, it would not enable you to see by force.



Hong Kong and Macao are parts of China, but because of the historical problems,they had left the mainland for nearly a hundred years. Although both of them have returned to the mainland, the conflicts in terms of politics, economy, and culture still exist between both sides. In these conflicts people from both sides feel invisible barrier between them. These may be the issues of economic, people’s values, even the political purposes. As you know, in lasts few months, there were many political movements including the occupation of central parade in the Umbrella Protest. Since the invisible cause and contradiction forced me to put my “invisible” work in the place where once the conflict existed between Hongkong, the mainland, and the United Kingdom.