Ben Huang

他是有着20余年从业经验的唱片騎师及摄影家,他玩老爷車,他是收藏家、生活家,他就是普通海派音乐人,更游走在世界各地派對和舞台,由于Ben Huang是中国电音舞曲乐文化的資深,积累了丰富的海内外演出经历和大型活動合作经验,从九十年代末在北京开启新興的俱乐部电音文化和各系列引领DJ文化的派对如“Hose Nation,Freaklub, Yellow等”至今,无数大小活動的邀约让Ben Huang应接不暇。最为一位深受各地歡迎的空中飞人音樂大使,分享好的音乐是这位热爱生活的音乐人最坚持的理念,然而音乐类型已不再能成为标榜他的内容,他对音乐文化結合時尚的研究和对历史的追溯,让他能更完美的驾驭各种音乐,理清音乐与环境、影像、品牌概念的内涵关系,更好的传达音乐的情绪和理念。Ben Huang是一位音乐顽童,在百花齐放的音乐世界里永远引导着大家并提高生活品味。

Although born in Shanghai, Ben Huang began djing in Beijing. Ben loves this music so much that he passed up a career in the fashion industry to work as a DJ. Ben regularly plays at a variety of venues in Beijing and Shanghai.

Ben Huang set off on his creative path as a student of modern dance and fine arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. He then dipped his toes in the fashion world but with a major climate shift on the way in the dance music scene, Ben Huang gave up a budding career in fashion and found his calling in the Beijing music scene.

He was one of the early exponents of Beijing’s club scene back in the mid-nineties, before anyone knew what club culture or electronic music was. China’s open door policy had not opened enough to let in the developments going on in the rest of the world, with the influx of music being heavily filtered from the mainstream pop culture trends of neighbouring Taiwan and Hong Kong. Ben Huang introduced the young funky things of Beijing to the international sounds of ‘real’ club beats. Strange as it may seem, there simply was no club scene in the People’s Republic of China.

His creative expression comprised of varying styles from experimental, nu jazz, tech house to minimal techno. Huang’s music transported Beijing and Shanghai’s small underworld and kicked down its doors to the sounds from Detroit to Berlin.

In no time, Ben Huang became one of the most heavily sought after DJs in Beijing and Shanghai. His sounds impressed European promoters and made him one of the funkiest exports to come out from the Middle Kingdom. Huang became one of the first ever Chinese DJs to break into the international scene, playing in venues from the Parisian Elysee-Montmartre to the famed Zurich Street Parade, alongside the world’s best. He has shared the stage with the likes of Laurent Garnier and Ritchie Hawtin, and burned the airwaves on Paris’ Radio FG. Back home.


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